• Supplements for all ages

    Quality & Safety First

    Supplements that exceed regulatory and advisory recommendations—from label, to bottle, to body.

  • Safe supplements for senior health

    Unmatched Purity

    How many supplement makers can say their ingredients and processes are screened to the most stringent levels in the world for pathogens, pesticides and heavy metals? We can.

  • Vitamins and minerals for the family

    Supplementing Nature

    Natural foods are your best source of health, and our supplements are your best dietary insurance plan.

Safe & Sound® Nutrition

There’s so much more to our name than a figure of speech. In the supplement world, you hear a lot about ingredients, but precious little about the process they go through on their way to becoming nutritionals. Unlike most supplements, VitaQual’s Safe & Sound products are thoroughly screened and tested by an ISO (International Standards Organization) accredited laboratory.

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Created by Physicians, Trusted by Patients

We started 15 years ago as a concerned group of naturopathic physicians who wanted to guarantee the safety, purity, and effectiveness of the nutritionals we prescribe in our practice and recommend to our families and friends. Today, Safe & Sound is one of the most trusted supplement names among physicians, patients, pharmacists—anyone looking for the highest quality products to achieve optimal health and nutrition.

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Choosing a Healthier Supplement

Nutritional supplements help augment or replace the nutrition our bodies receive from the foods we eat. But just like foods, the quality, safety and nutritional value of supplements can vary considerably. When choosing which vitamin and mineral supplements are right for you and your family, there are 8 requirements that help assure you of a safe, healthy, effective product.

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